Library Customer Service Clerk/Youth Services support

The library customer service clerk is one of the main point librarians for library users. It is essential the clerk establishes a professional and welcoming environment for everyone who comes into the library. Compassion and a desire to serve others are important personality qualities in an excellent clerk; a sense of humor is also key. The ability to help users find materials, answer reference, provide directional and community resource information and trouble shoot level one computer / printing issues are the main responsibilities while working the front desk.

Shelving / processing requests / checking in materials / stocking the holdshelf – these are incorporated into the workflow. Working to get these tasks done without compromising customer service is key. When two librarians are working the desk, one always remains as the point librarian at the desk while the other is doing materials tasks. Communication and attention to the logistics of workflow help manage priorities.

This position will also assist the Youth Services Librarian with activities and prep work.

SCFPL Social Media Branding is an all-staff effort. This position will include management of social media outreach, so posting on platforms like FB, Instagram and You Tube, or TickTok will be a daily activity. Creativity, spontaneity, inclusiveness and respectfulness are all qualities that will be part of the SCFPL social media brand.

Interview Questions

  1. What makes a person good at customer service?
  2. Tell me about a challenging situation in your work experience with the public.
  3. Tell me about a rewarding situation in your work experience with the public.
  4. How do you prioritize tasks when there are multiple demands on your attention?
  5. What is or was your favorite aspect of your last job (or current job)?
  6. What are the things that make a job valuable to you?
  7. What is your definition of branding/marketing in the context of public nonprofit organizations? What are the desired outcomes?
  8. What are some effective elements of good communication? Please speak to different formats such as print, electronic, face to face.
  9. Talk a little bit about your experience with social media, online communications including websites or / and blog posting.