Photo of some of the most popular children's titles of 2023

When kids decide they love something, they really go all-in! The main themes of this year’s “most circulated” list are serieses and silliness. Seriously, I had to go to the fourth item on the list to find a juvenile fiction title that wasn’t Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and it was tied with two other Wimpy Kid titles. The same was true of graphic novels: first and second places were Dog Man titles, and third place was a tie between Dog Man and Baby-Sitters Club titles. Unsurprisingly, the non-fiction list was dominated by Minecraft, Sir Cumference, and animals. The most popular audiobook CDs, on the other hand, were all classics. Here’s the complete list:

Children’s fiction:

Children’s graphic novels:

Children’s non-fiction:

Children’s DVDs:

Children’s Audiobooks on CD:

What do you wish was on this list?