About St. Croix Falls Public Library: Welcome!

Welcome! The St. Croix Falls Public Library serves all members of the community by providing access to informational, educational and recreational materials. Explore our website! You will find tools, information, resources and other fun, exciting, and interesting links.

First opened in October 2009, the St Croix Falls Public Library building is an inviting and inspiring community space. Sustainable design elements and operating features such as in floor radiant heat powered by thermal solar panels illustrate a commitment to future generations. Local stone and rock also feature in and around the library. The plaza outside the library is also part of the sustainable design. Native plants, once established require little or no watering and provide much needed habitat and sustenance for pollinators and other small wildlife.


The story of the library building begins nearly ten years ago when a group of local residents formed to seriously explore the need for a new library. An empty grocery store, vacant for eleven years, was chosen as the best site for a new library. A generous donation of $200,000 from a local family set the tone for a successful fundraising campaign.

By 2008, over one million dollars was raised for the library. Construction began in March of 2009. The collection was moved five blocks from the old library space under the Civic Auditorium to the new in less than a week with the help of volunteers. The library opened for operations on October 19, 2009. Cheers! Stop in for a visit and ask for a tour. We are happy to share our library story.