After Hours Locker Pickup

Service Overview

After Hours Pickup Locker is a service allowing SCFPL MORE Library card holders to pick up items from Library’s Hold Shelf after normal Library hours or anytime really – in case you  want to quickly grab your items without coming in to the building.

This service is available to anyone – anytime.


Service Requirements

  • The materials must be on the Library’s Hold Shelf.
  • You will need to bring your library card or know your last four digits of your card number.
  • People requesting After Hours Locker Pickup should pick up their items within 48 hours

Service Procedure

If you have materials on the Library’s Hold Shelf:

  • Call or email the Library to request After Hours Locker Pickup service — 715.483.1777 or
  • Library staff will ask you to provide your name and library card number over the phone.
  • Staff will look up your library account, verify your barcode and that materials are on the Hold Shelf . We will check materials out to your account and place them in an After Hours Pickup Locker by 6:30 pm.
  • Visit the Library within 48 hours. Scan your library card into the locker system or type in the last four digits of your library barcode number, and the locker with your items will automatically pop open — take your materials, shut the locker, and go! Enjoy.

    If you’d rather, you can still use curbside pickup – click the button below.