1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Giving Young Children the Tools to Become Successful Readers

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a new program that encourages all families and caregivers to read 1,000 books with their young children before they enter kindergarten.

Why Read 1,000 Books?

Parents can help even very young children learn the five early literacy skills which reading research has determined children must know before they can learn to read. These essential skills needed for school success are:

  • Phonological Awareness – is being able to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words
  • Vocabulary  is knowing the name of things and concepts
  • Print Convention  is noticing print, knowing how to handle a book, and knowing how to follow the words on a page 
  • Background Knowledge  is prior knowledge, things our child has learned 
  • Letter Knowledge  is knowing letters are different from each other, knowing their names and sounds, and recognizing letters everywhere

How Does 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Work?

  • Register – At the St. Croix Falls or Dresser Libraries, and take home your reading folder.
  • Track Your Reading – Each time you read a book with your child, fill in a circle on the reading log. Return completed records and exchange for a new one. You can also print the log in a .pdf file from home on our websites.
  • Use your reading logs to record 100 books at a time. However, when you reach your FIRST 25 books, bring in your reading log to receive a copy of Blinky: A Special Gray Tree Frog by local author Randy Korb!
  • Come back every time you have completed 100 books to receive a special froggy sticker. After your first 100 books, your child receives a special froggy sticker and a froggy finger puppet. After 500, get a cool froggy bathtub squirter!
  • Read More Books! When you and your child get all the way to 1000, your child will be able to select a new picture book to add to the library’s collection. The book will include a bookplate with the child’s name on it. Your child will be the first one to check out his/her honor book and his/her photo will be added to our website “hall of fame.”

Who Can Participate?

  • Any child from birth to the day they enter Kindergarten is eligible.
  • Sign up for the program by visiting the St. Croix Falls or Dresser Libraries.
  • Make sure to stop by the library to pick up your first reading log or print the .pdf file from either library’s website.

*Register at the Library*


Help! I don’t know which books to read!
Your librarians will ALWAYS gladly help you pick some books.

What if my child wants to read the same book over and over?
Repetition is key to learning. Each time you read a book, it counts. If you read the same book 5 times, color 5 circles.

Do I have to read books from the library?
You can read books from anywhere, not just library books.

Can I log the books my child hears in story time?                                    
Yes! Any and every book your child hears counts for this program.

Contact Info

230 S. Washington St,
PO Box 608
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024-9240 

Open Monday-Friday 9:30 - 6
Saturdays 9:30 - 1

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