What does writing have to do with a video game, anyway? You might be surprised.

Think about your favorite games. They can have characters that you control or interact with; they can have obstacles that you have to overcome to reach a goal; they can have dialogue between characters; they can present many different ways of thinking about a topic. In other words, playing a game can be like reading a story as you help to write it.

But what if you took that one step further? What kind of video game could you write? In this week’s writing prompt, author Jason Reynolds challenges us to design a video game. Come up with some ideas, and write them down. What kind of game is it — a racing game, a role-player, a rhythm game, a building game, a puzzle game? What is the goal of the game? What obstacles stand in the way of players reaching that goal? Will players play a given character (like the Zelda games), choose from a list of characters (like the Mario games), or create their own character (like many fantasy role-playing games)? Will they interact with non-player characters? With other players? Where does the game take place, and what does it look like?