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Every Child Ready to Read
The best advice for families with young children is to read together every day. TALKING, SINGING, READING, WRITING, AND PLAYING can help your child succeed in school.

Big Hearted Families Book Club
A book club for families looking for something a little extra-special! Ask a librarian how to find this collection at the SCFPL!

Community Links

Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley

St. Croix Valley MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Library Blog

Spot the Troll Game

Where does fake news come from? Fake people, of course! Spot the Troll is an 8-question quiz that tests how well you can spot fake social media accounts. These are accounts that pretend to be run by real people, but are really run by organizations that try to sway...

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When the news becomes too stressful, sometimes it is best to take a step back, remind yourself that you're not alone, and find a good laugh. And if we can't laugh at today's news, we can always laugh at yesterday's. For example, one anecdote from Theodore Roosevelt's...

National Book Festival this weekend!

This weekend is the annual National Book Festival. I'm excited to attend this year, because I've never been to one before. Why? Past festivals have taken place in Washington, D.C., which is about a thousand miles from here. This year, the festival is completely...

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