Kids and Families

Resources for Parents

Every Child Ready to Read
The best advice for families with young children is to read together every day. TALKING, SINGING, READING, WRITING, AND PLAYING can help your child succeed in school.

Big Hearted Families Book Club
A book club for families looking for something a little extra-special! Ask a librarian how to find this collection at the SCFPL!

Community Links

Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley

St. Croix Valley MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

Beanstack Summer Reading Program

New this year!

Try the Beanstack app or website for an online summer reading program.

Call or email for information: 


Page Turner Adventures

Starting June 15th, 10 weeks of shows and activities.

Password: SUMMER

New video posted each day Monday-Friday, featuring comedy theater, crafts, games, author visits, special guests, and more.

Library Blog

Write a 1-Minute Play

Recently the St Croix Falls Festival Theatre hosted a writing contest for grown-ups. They asked people to write a play that 1 minute long, and they read the best ones aloud on YouTube. So I wondered: What would a 1-minute play festival for kids look like? So let's...

Frame Yourself!

In this fun writing prompt, author Jason Reynolds talks about framing things that are important to him. One example he gives is that he has framed the contents of his grandmother's wallet. Another is a pair of jeans he wore when he worked retail. Yes, he has a framed...

Flash Writing!

Hello!... Today... we... will... be... doing... another... writing... exercise! Do you ever feel like your writing ideas move at a sloth's pace? Today we'll work on loosening up your writing muscles and getting ideas to flow more freely. Here's what you do: 1. Find a...

Make Your Own Synonyms with Jason Reynolds

It can be fun to play with words! In this video, author Jason Reynolds challenges us to invent new words that mean something similar to words we already know. He turns "jump" into "updown". I might turn "dandelion" into "floatyfluff". What can you do? Jason Reynolds...

Writing a Poem, and an Announcement!

This week we'll explore writing poetry. Erm, excuse me. "Poetry" is such a broad topic. This week we'll explore rhyming, and poetry topics -- what do you want to write a poem about? Take a blank piece of paper, and make a list. Write down things you enjoy doing. Write...

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