In this fun writing prompt, author Jason Reynolds talks about framing things that are important to him. One example he gives is that he has framed the contents of his grandmother’s wallet. Another is a pair of jeans he wore when he worked retail. Yes, he has a framed pair of jeans hanging in his office, where he can see them while he writes. Why do you think he framed these things? How might they be important to him?

Jason Reynolds on framing things

What’s important to you? What would you frame to represent that? Why? How do you feel when you see the object and think about what it means to you? Write it down! “I would frame ___ because it reminds me of ___.”

For example: I would frame my nametags from all the summer music camps I attended as a child, because they remind me of my experiences there over the years. I enjoyed being surrounded by other kids who loved making music as much as I did; I was encouraged by feedback on my playing, given by teachers I didn’t normally see; and I felt proud whenever I was chosen to play on a student recital. It was fun to see people practicing in the randomest locations, especially outside. And I tended to get more freedom there than I did at home.

On the same page is another prompt video, in which Mr. Reynolds talks about writing a recipe for feeling courageous. What would yours be?

My recipe would include a hug from my husband, a hug from my daughter, several ounces of purrs and a headbutt from my cat, at least two power-up songs (more as needed), and a few seconds of gazing at the sky.