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Big Hearted Families Book Club

Big Hearted Families and the Big Hearted Families Book Club are projects of Doing Good Together in collaboration with The Volunteer Family and Little Helping Hands.

A small, local nonprofit sharing big ideas and useful tools with families across the country, Big Hearted Families created a FABULOUS collection of quality children's books and story extenders as a way to transform family night into a creative, fun, book-centered kindness practice! The St. Croix Falls Public Library is super excited to host this pilot program! Stop in to try the Big Hearted Families Book Club and let us know what you think!

Each book comes with story-extending activity cards and ideas to help your family build compassion into your daily routine. To request the SCFPL's special book club books, please contact an SCFPL librarian.

Big Hearted Families Book Club

Each book in this awesome collection of more than 20 carefully-selected titles comes with contemplation questions, conversation starters, and great book recommendations that help families nurture kind kids and that encourage you to read, write, talk, sing, and play together!

More Big Hearted Families Book Club titles at the St. Croix Falls Public Library:



Thank you to Sarah Aadland for your great work and for sharing this project with us! Contact Big Hearted Families with questions, suggestions, or just to tell them about your family's everyday acts of kindness.