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Greg Renstrom 

Greg’s passion for honeybees began many years before he actually had his first hives. For years he would visit the renowned Minnesota State Fair Bee and Honey exhibit and think that beekeeping is a hobby that would interest him. About 12 years ago he attended a Master Gardner’s class on keeping bees and from then on, he was hooked. He joined a local beekeeping club and thus began his journey of being a beekeeper. The following spring, after joining his first beekeeping club, Greg purchased his first hives. (10 to be an exact!) As the years have gone on, he has increased his beekeeping operation to now running between 40-60 hives. With beekeeping comes opportunities and he has broadened his horizons by joining other clubs and becoming involved within those clubs and associations. He has met and visited beekeepers all over the U.S that have helped him with techniques and tricks to help him become a successful beekeeper. And many he now calls friends. 

Greg enjoys teaching, especially beekeeping. He regularly advertises an invitation for the public to come to his farm, put on a bee suit and see what beekeeping is all about. He’ll open a hive and show you all aspects on beekeeping. Greg invites civic groups for field trips to see his hives. 

Greg’s passionate about the honeybee and loves to answer questions about bees. He’s so passionate about educating the public that he has run the education area for the Polk-Burnett Beekeepers Association at the Polk County Fair for the last five years. 

Join us on March 5th to learn about Beekeeping with Greg.