Are you ready for school to start this year? Me neither!

A lot is going to be different this year — we’ll be keeping our germs to ourselves as much as we can by wearing masks, washing our hands a lot, and keeping more personal space than usual. More kids will be learning from home this year, either through their school’s distance learning program or by homeschooling. Kids will need to spread out, at desks and at lunch tables — I don’t envy the lunch supervisors their job this year!

But a lot will be the same, too. Kids will learn inside the same school buildings, from the same teachers, with the same methods as much as possible. St Croix Falls Elementary School didn’t have a Meet the Teacher night, but my daughter’s class did get a Meet the Teacher video. Parents will still have to keep the drop-off line moving in front of the school in the mornings. Kids will still have homework. A sandwich left in a locker for a week will still get moldy. So will unwashed gym socks.

So let’s celebrate back-to-school with some favorite books!

Back-to-School Picture Books

Graphic Novels about School (yes, really!) for tweens and teens