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Adult Summer Reading

Libraries Rock! And so do you. Rock along with us this summer by joining our adult summer reading program. The themes are geology, music, peace and love.

How do I join? Pick up a bookmark/list at the circ desk or print one yourself here. Start reading! Read at least 6 books that fit one of the following categories then turn in a list of what you read and you will be entered into a drawing for Festival Theatre concert tickets or a state park sticker - your choice.

Golden Oldies: a book that was published at least 50 years ago

Rocks: a book in which the landscape or geology plays a big role

Rock'n'Roll: a book in which music plays a big role

War is Over: a book that grapples with the problems of war

Summer of Love: a love story

Rock the World: something originally written in a language other than English

Grand Debut: an author's first book

Share the Love: a book recommended by a friend

Libraries Rock: a book in which a book or a library plays a big role

I Hear that: listen to an audiobook or have someone read to you

Fresh Eyes: the first book in a series you've never read

Cover Artists: a book you picked because of its cover

Short and Sweet: a graphic novel, poetry collection, anthology of short stories, letters or a play

I Feel Fine: a book about the end of the world as we know it

The Best Medicine: a funny book

Meta-reading: a book mentioned in another book you've read

Outside the Comfort Zone: a book from a genre you don't normally read

Can't Touch This: a frequently challenged or banned book

Come Fly With Me: a book set in a place you'd like to visit