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"I'm thankful for our library because of all of the things staff and volunteers do to make it such a great community center for learning for all ages! Staff are always pleasant and helpful and seeking new avenues for public involvement. The library anchors us on the south end of town as the Festival Theatre does on the north end!" -Gary Noren

"I'm just thankful for librarians who answer our questions and find books and information for us.
The librarians at St. Croix are terrific. Thanks."

"I am very thankful for the St. Croix Falls library, being a non-resident, I pay a fee, but I feel it is worth it. It is so nice to order DVDs on my lap-top at home, and pick them up at the library." -Ann

"I am thankful for all the tech support the library staff provides.
I am thankful for the availability of books, old and new, and the wonderful service 'More' provides.
I am thankful for making the library a home for many children."

"We are thankful for the fact that the librarians are our friends and know what we like to read enough to recommend books to us!" -The Herrick Family

"I am thankful for the books and the computer and all the other stuff." -Adali

"I am thankful for the large print books that I can come in and get quick to read at the gym while I'm on the elliptical. They make it so much more pleasant!" -Bonnie Kloos

"The wonderful people who work there!"

"The absolutely best staff! Also, the craft classes are fun and informative!"

"We are thankful for the kids programs like Pokemon club + mom is thankful for the fireplace." -The McBride Family

"The staff and the programming are excellent." -Paul Kuhlmann

"I'm thankful for the fun library events, such as the Supernatural one I was fortunate to attend." -Britt Sager

"Cole and her programming for kids! :0)" -Melissa Ward

"Cole, Sarah, and the other ladies are always so kind and helpful. I love that they have made the library the community's living room. Especially thankful that my wonderful friend Cole Zrostlik works so closely with the ES to provide shared goals & programs for the community. I LOVE SCF PL and I LOVE Cole to the moon and back again!" -Rita Platt


We know you value this public library. Each time you attend one of our many programs, use a computer, or check out a book, movie, or music CD you make a continued investment in this library. And for that we’d like to thank you. But the time has come for you to speak up and lend your voice in support! Increasingly in today’s political and economic climate, there are times when this library needs your voice, or when the libraries of the Indianhead Federated Library System (Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Price, Polk, Rusk & St. Croix Counties) need your help.

Add your voice to the growing chorus!


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