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After School @ the Library

After School @ the Library

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The St. Croix Falls Public Library’s After School program is a safe place for kids ages 8 + in our community to go after school. We offer guided activities from 3:30-5 PM Monday through Thursday and encourage all kids who use the library afterschool to participate.  Program activities vary, but all focus on fun, learning and creativity.  The Youth Activities Calendar is available on the library’s website:

Ground Rules Kids must be at least 8 years old to use the library afterschool without a parent or guardian. Using the library afterschool is not equivalent to childcare.      
This means students may come and go from the library when they wish, they may use computers unsupervised, browse our collection, interact with other patrons, and check out materials.  If parents and caregivers have different rules for their child when at the library, that should be communicated between parent and child; librarians are not responsible for enforcement of family rules. As library users, kids are responsible for maintaining a quiet volume, respecting library space and materials and for cleaning up after themselves. Failure to clean up their space will result in a conversation with parents/caregivers.  

Computers are available in the library and parents should be aware many kids come to the library to play on computers. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to talk to their kids about responsible media practices in terms of the content and the length of their time spent in front of a screen.  Visit for more information on how to set healthy boundaries for your kids.

Check In Kids using the library afterschool will check in using their library cards.  Cards can be picked up when leaving the library. This enables kids to be accounted for and librarians to be more involved with the kids coming in and out of the library.  Be sure to register your child for a library card.  It's a great lifelong tool! Kids may not use the back door to enter or exit the library. Please pick your child up using the main library entrance.  Kids may take the bus to the library after school. Please provide a note to the school office if your child will be riding the bus.  

Partners The Friends of the Library provide snacks and art supplies, keeping this program free for your family.  However, donations are more than welcome.  Snacks, art supplies, technology, cooking or science supplies, a gift card to a grocery store, etc. are great ideas for supporting the after school program. Your support is much appreciated and adds to the great things the library does in the community.  

If your child will be using the library after school, we encourage you to return the After School Registration Form to the SCFPL.

Thank you,

Martha Kaempffer
Youth Services Librarian                                                                                                                        
St. Croix Falls Public Library